You can change their lives.

There is an urgent need for food bags and hygiene services at Bailey-Boushay House.

Your gift to Bailey-Boushay House today or on GivingTuesday will support the basic, human needs of Bailey-Boushay House’s homeless clients: bags of groceries, sack dinners, clean clothes and hot showers.


Food Bags






Your GivingTuesday gift supports: 2,700 grocery bags, and 8,200 sack dinners Bailey-Boushay House clients will need in 2018.

Bailey-Boushay house dietitian Shawntel assists client Luis as he does his monthly shopping.

Imagine having no place to live, little money, and feeling desperately hungry. For half of Bailey- Boushay clients, who are homeless—and living with HIV/AIDS, mental-health issues, or chemical dependency—this is their end-of-month reality.

Traditional food banks aren’t set up to meet their needs since homeless clients have nowhere to refrigerate, cook, or store food. It’s a catch-22: many medications must be taken with meals, increasing the urgency for regular meals; but how to make that happen?

We came up with a better food plan. Thanks to our innovative end-of-month food-bag program, funded by compassionate supporters like you, clients can pick out enough free food to fill two grocery bags. 

Much of this food is designed for their needs: cans with pop-tops, single servings to eliminate spoilage, and items that taste good cold.

Everyone deserves to live with hope and dignity. Please give generously. 



Laundry and Showers






Your GivingTuesday gift supports: Daily access to much-needed laundry and shower facilities, and future facilities improvements.

A client washes and folds clothes in Bailey-Boushay House's laundry room.

People at Bailey-Boushay House who are homeless struggle to find places where they can take care of basic life needs like bathing and doing laundry.

This causes constant worry, stress, and harms self-esteem.  Clients ask their nurses, “Do I smell?”  So many people who line up at our doors want nothing more than a safe place to receive medical care, rest and clean up.

Our homeless clients tend to roam the streets or sleep in parks at night, then come to Bailey-Boushay House to get breakfast, receive medication, and use our quiet room to rest. During the day, they are able to wash their clothes and take a shower, and nurses attend to their skin issues, especially foot care.  

There are near-constant lines for the washer, dryer and shower, and these facilities are in need of upgrades.

Together, we build trust and strive to keep the most vulnerable safe, healthy and hopeful. Your gifts make good things happen.